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Wellness and Health Tourism is one of the fastest growing concepts in the world today due to five main factors:

  • Price Differential – the huge cost differences that exist for the same treatments performed to the same internationally recognized standards in various parts of the world. The cost savings, typically 60 to 80 per cent, are so great that one could simultaneously build in a once-in-a-lifetime vacation in the locale to recuperate from an elected procedure (complete with post-procedure professional care) and still save money.
  • Speed & Convenience – in many Western countries waiting lists are the norm and up to two years is not uncommon for non-emergency procedures. By contrast, it is perfectly feasible that a medical tourist can step off the plane and undergo an operation the following day.
  • Insurance Limitations – either insurance does not cover orthopedic surgery (such as knee/hip replacement) or imposes unreasonable restrictions on the choice of the facility, surgeon, or prosthetics to be used.
  • Unavailable  Treatments – many accepted, advanced or traditional treatments are offered in some locations that are not available back home. For example, cutting-edge stem cell rejuvenation and bone resurfacing to a plethora of complimentary, herbal and natural therapies.
  • Privacy & Confidentiality – gender reassignment, cosmetic procedures, drug and alcohol rehabilitation and weight loss treatments are some of the reasons patients might want discretion.


The Great Appeal of the Philippines

  • It boasts a number of hospitals that are recognized as some of the very best in the world.  Moreover, they are approved by Joint Commission International (“JCI”), the most trusted source of international healthcare accreditation in the US* (Source:
  • The costs in the Philippines are some of the lowest of any medical tourism destination; especially one with JCI accredited hospitals.
  • Its doctors and nurses are sought-after the world over, including in the US, due to:
    • their training which is modeled on the US system with rigorous apprenticeships of eight to ten years
    • their naturally friendly and caring attitude which is  ideal for post-operative care, an area oft neglected in the West
    • their excellent command of English (English is the lingua franca of medicine)
  • Some of the world’s best beaches to recover on, complimented by world famous Filipino spas and massage.

Our Mission

  • To carefully select the best treatments available in the Philippines and present them directly to you by chaperoning you through each medical service facility and arranging individual health consultations so that you have the opportunity of making an informed choice.
  • To help ensure that the selected treatment is right for you and that you have confidence in the medical staff and feel comfortable with the associate facilities.
  • To customize your stay throughout by tailoring everything to your individual taste and needs. For instance, while reviewing the various treatments and services available we would be delighted, should you wish, to guide you around the local tourist, dining and shopping hot spots.

Obviously the most important thing during your visit is to focus on your medical treatments. However, if you stay with us for a three to four week period we can present you with the customized vacation of a life time!

It's all about personal choices!
Remember, the best investment you will ever make is in your own well-being. From this stems:

  • improved energy
  • enhanced motivation and sense of purpose
  • increased personal efficiency

All of which leads to a greater attainment and personal fulfillment in life.

How do I make the first step?
Simply review the treatments detailed in this webpage and email us listing the procedures in which you may be interested and indicate the time you wish to "invest" in our program and we will send you a customized suggested itinerary complete with costing.

Remember, our discreet & confidential service is completely flexible and you make no treatment commitments until or unless you feel “this is right for me".